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Lipinski Royal Fidelity ' comprehensive responsibility is to understand the composer's idea and to recreate it for the audience with hand-crafted recordings, inspired and achieved through a systemic collaboration with the performing musicians.

We begin by listening to our artists live. This sets a blueprint for the ideal sound. Then we turn to the acoustics of a recording hall, which we optimize for our specific needs. We then determine the most desirable placement of musicians, for incremental changes often make a staggering difference.

The selection of an appropriate set of microphones and their proper placement is a unique art. In the practice of this art we follow the principle of "less is more" - fewer microphones, shorter cables, fewer electronics, no signal processing, and as little editing as possible. We do occasionally discover that "more is more". The art of recording centers on judgment.

To the extent that phonography can be like photography, we "photograph" the acoustical events with the accuracy of solid state electronics. Where phonography should be more like painting, we "paint" with vacuum tube electronics. There are times when the best solution is to paint over a photograph.

To assist in this art, we use cutting-edge technology and equipment that has been crafted to our specifications, "cost no object". From microphone to disk, we use no component that has not gone through exhaustive listening tests.

We move from the big picture to the smallest details. However, the quest for the ultimate in sound reproduction requires us to return again and again to the recording as a whole. So we listen. We listen to live music in ideal settings. We listen to what are considered the best recordings ever made. We listen to our own Lipinski-crafted recordings, and return again to the live performance.

And finally we invite you to join us in the listening. Enjoy with us a front row seat in the recording art experience.


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