Lipinski Royal Fidelity' mission is to deliver consistent perfection in surround sound and stereo acoustic recordings while setting a new quality standard for the high resolution audiophile paradigm.

The Lipinski label showcases works of renowned recording engineer/producer Andrew Lipinski.

Mr. Lipinski's perfect hearing abilities were recognized by the United States National Bureau of Standards, where he was the only professional audio engineer to achieve a perfect score on the listening evaluation of phonographic recordings.

"A score of 10 correct of 10 selections would be expected 1 out of 1000 times"
- National Bureau of Standards (NBSIR 88-3725) on Mr. Lipinski's score

Andrew Lipinski has an academic background in both, music and sound engineering, with years of award-winning professional experience. He received his professional training under the guidance of professor Antoni Karuzas at the State Academy of Music in Warsaw, Poland (Tonmeister Program), having been awarded a Master's degree summa cum laude.

His diploma recital included avant-garde quadraphonic analog recordings. His passion for surround never expired. The distinctiveness of his contemporary surround recordings emerge from a background filled with decades of practical surround experiments coupled with painstaking technological research and development.

Mr. Lipinski produced and engineered hundreds of LP and CD recordings for European and American labels and for organizations such as the International Jazz Federation. He has engineered and produced for radio, TV stations, and studios in Europe, America, and in the Far East.

Some of Andrew Lipinski's achievements are listed below.

  • K. Penderecki's 70th Birthday Concert Gala recorded and produced for surround sound SACD and DVD-Video release.
  • The world's first recording of M. Gorecki's famous Third Symphony conducted by the composer himself, during his 70th Birthday Concert Gala. Recorded and produced by Mr. Lipinski for surround sound SACD and DVD-Video release.
  • The world's first recording of all the Mozart concert arias with tenor Luigi Alva.
  • The world's first stereo recording of the entire Handel opera Sosarme.
  • The world's first recording of the Clarinet Concerto by K. Penderecki, with Dmitri Ashkenazy.
  • The world's first recording of the Piano Concerto by W. Kilar, with Peter Jablonski.
  • Other recordings include harpsichordist Ruggiero Gerlin, pianist Rudolf Firkusny, oboist Heinz Holliger, David Zinman, Les Arts Florissants, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, conducted by Sir Neville Marriner, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, with many other reputable artists and ensembles.
  • The recording and broadcast engineer for the 1980 International Chopin Piano Competition and the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music.
  • An invitation by K. Penderecki to record his privately organized First Festival of Chamber Music at his summer residence in Luslawice, Poland.
  • Contributing recording engineer to the 1989-90 Emmy Awards for sound engineering.
  • The recording of many major jazz bands and musicians, including Buddy Rich, Kenny Drew and Jimmy Rowles.

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