Due to our relentness pursuit of perfection, we are among those setting new equipment standards for the new millennium.

Our sister company Lipinski Sound (www.lipinskisound.com) develops the finest recording and playback technology available on the market.

Keeping in mind that every chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we carefully select and refine every link in our system to achieve a level of sonic smoothness and detail that is unequalled in the industry.

Microphones: Vintage collection of vacuum tube and choice of solid-state designs.
Computer-matched sets for phase distortion-free surround and stereo pick-up, customized for unmatched accuracy and precision.

Signal transition: The cleanest possible. A special selection of data cables for both digital and analog signals.

Preamplifiers: Selection of custom-built solid-state and vacuum tube designs to deliver maximum transparency and micro-dynamics. Audiophile parts selection. Proprietary oversized power supply.

Mixing: High-definition digital, or analog with cost-no-object electronic parts and internal wiring that ensures highest resolution and signal integrity.

Digital Recording Processors: custom-designed for Andrew Lipinski's ear by Mytek Digital, Inc.

Data Storage: only the finest media and hardware available; all brands and types tested regularly for consistent quality and reliability.

Software: We work together with world-class original software developers to customize carefully selected DSP and DSD engines.

Monitoring: Years of research led us to redefine High End playback equipment, which not only sounds natural, but also measures well.


Lipinski Sound

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Lipinski Royal Fidelity,
ul. Krzywe Kolo 8/10 lok.14,
00-270 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 22 831 14 14
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